About us

Our company covers an area of forming and plastics processing.
The company operates on the market since 1994.

Company History

The company was founded in 1994 as a trade operation.

The business was started in a small workshop area of 45 m2 and as with any small business beginnings were uncertain and so far only, and current owner Josef Rosenberg tried to gain customers and penetrate the market.

In 1997, due to unsaturation market demand increased and the owner was forced to accept the new workforce.

The company began to grow, so did the demand for its products was growing subscribers and therefore increasing turnover and the need for new production facilities ceased to be self sufficient workshop. This is why 2003 moved into new space of 900 m2 with office and storage space, where he still works. The company began investing heavily in new production facilities and increase their production capacity. Number of employees gradually began to expand.

In 2010 the company owner decided to change the legal form of the company and was founded R-DESIGN PLAST, Ltd. Which continues the vision of owner.