21 May 2020
Protective partitions and walls made of plexiglass 1

Production of protective partitions and walls – protective partitions and walls

We have been specializing in complex plastics processing and forming activities for more than 25 years (specifically since 1994). These activities include, for example, laser cutting of plexiglass, milling of plastics, wood and aluminum, gluing of plastics and also vacuum forming of plastics. We cooperate with companies, organizations, sole traders and households from all over the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

In addition to the production of sales (advertising) POP and POS stands, the production of protective covers for single-purpose machines, the production of plastic lettering and the production of plexiglass cash registers and money boxes, we also focus on the production of protective partitions.

All protective transparent partitions (plexiglass partitions) made by us, walls and covers made of plexiglass are suitable for the protection of sellers who come into direct contact with customers.

They are used at petrol stations, shops (at checkouts), pharmacies, stalls, newsagents, bakeries and other points of sale. These are basically so-called sanitary partitions with a dispensing window.

The protective partitions and walls made by us (plexiglass partitions) will provide you with full protection against droplet infection caused by human-to-human transmission.

Protective partitions and walls are also fully washable and disinfectable by commonly available means.

We manufacture protective partitions exactly to measure so that they disrupt your point of sale as little as possible.

All products can be picked up in person at our Ostrožská Nová Ves facility or sent to you throughout the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, etc.) by an external carrier.

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