10 Feb 2016

Polycarbonate – full sheets

Lexan polycarbonate full sheets

Lexan polycarbonate sheets * are transparent and extremely impact resistant in the temperature range from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C. They also offer optimal safety and protection. As a product of General Electric Plastics, they are now a term for unbreakable glazing. A balanced combination of physical, mechanical and optical properties, long-term resistance to environments with different temperatures and humidity, Lexan * boards are designed for glazing various objects. Polycarbonate glazing is currently considered the safest in the world.

Lexan offers variants based on usage:

Basic type without UV filter for indoor use. It is cold bendable (minimum bending radius Rmin = 150 x thickness) and thermoformable. Suitable for the interior as a second – interior glazing windows, shop windows, control rooms in halls, tough packaging, molded tool cases, instruments.

One-sided UV protection – Outdoor radiation. Ideal lighting material for connecting corridors between buildings, flat, arched and dome roofing (minimum bending radius Rmin = 175 x thickness), which perfectly meet the purpose and perfection of shapes will delight even aesthetes. Also used in transport (noise barriers, road signs, mirrors, street lighting) and industry.

Double-Sided UV Protection – textured surface offers increased intimacy and surface resistance. Suitable for rough areas where direct view is not needed, such as railings, doors, bulkheads, stairway and corridor lighting for high-rise buildings, partitions, arches, etc.

Excellent optically clean material with a special double-sided coating for protection against surface damage. Common chemicals and spray (antigrafitti). Ideal safety and protective glazing material with UV protection and wide application in many flat and shaped applications. Developed to protect jobs, objects that need to be protected from harsh or unscrupulous surroundings.

Type with double-sided protective layer for flat glazing of buildings, shop windows, windows, doors, facades of representative buildings, platforms and public transport stations, transparent noise barriers, stadium security zones, cushions, elevator shafts , machining centers.

Lexane properties:

  • Outstanding impact resistance
  • high light transmission
  • degree of flammability – B-s2, d0 (EN13823)
  • low specific gravity – 1,2. 103 kg / m3
  • a very wide range of types and dimensions
  • excellent thermal formability
  • easy processability and installation
  • maximum design freedom in architecture design

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