24 Jun 2019

Plexiglas laser cutting Brno

In addition to bending (molding) all kinds of plastics and acrylates, we specialize in cutting and firing plastics and plexiglass using laser in Brno and the Czech Republic.

Laser cutting of Plexiglas and plastics is a highly effective and relatively innovative technology for cutting materials.

Laser cutting of Plexiglas and Plastics has many advantages. It is very fast and very accurate. It is not necessary to machine edges after laser cutting and therefore minimizes waste.

Laser cutting of Plexiglas and plastics is non-contact machining, making it possible to produce more demanding shapes without complicated fixing. And above all, there is no need to fear warping and breaking products. Each cut has a smooth and clean structure.

Therefore, this technology gives us the ability to produce atypical shapes on a large variety of plate materials along with engraving.

What we most often produce with the laser cutting method of Plexiglas:

Plexiglass Stands
Various Shapes and Parts for Modellers
Dual Layer Plastic Sticks and Plates
Polystyrene Tough PSH
Spray Stencils
Carving of Laminated Graphics on Plastic Sheets

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