16 Jun 2019
Frézování plexiskla

How do we cut plexiglass?

Although our clients are usually not interested in what methods we use to cut plexiglass, you may want to describe it briefly .

The methods we use to cut plastics are either contact or non-contact. Before creating an order for each client, we individually evaluate which method is best and then use it when processing plexiglass or other plastic.

Laser cutting is the contactless cutting method . Laser cutting of Plexiglas and other plastics is a very fast and most accurate method of cutting this type of material, the undoubted advantage of which is its beautifully sharp edges, which do not have to undergo additional treatment.

Cutting Contact Method Cutting . You can find this method on the Internet under the names Plexiglas milling or Plexiglas milling . Just like the Plexiglas Laser Cutting method, the cutting method of plastics is relatively fast, very accurate and produces a minimum of residual material. However, in contrast to the above method, it has the advantage of being able to machine workpiece edges at certain angles.

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