Engraving the sheet material

Glazing of sheet material

Engraving plate material or surface engraving on sheet material is a high-end surface treatment of sheet materials to emphasize logo curves on the workpiece.

In terms of material design and optics, this is a very popular treatment, as the material is suitable for illumination after engraving and you can light it up nicely.

In essence, it is a final treatment of the material surface by its removal. Then the workpiece is very good and optically clean.

As part of the Engraving Plate Material service, we are able to work with PMMA acrylic glass, polycarbonate, polyamide, aluminum plates, dibond plates as well as wood (veneer, plywood, and MDF).

Engraving is done with laser engraving and also with engraving cutter , which can work with the above materials. The laser engraving of sheet material has a lasting result, is very accurate, fast and flexible in terms of customer requirements.

With this type of engraving, there are hardly any limitations in engraved graphics. The pattern can be virtually arbitrary and always stands out with its accuracy.




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