26 Jul 2019

Advertising sign on a stand

As part of our specialization in laser cutting plastics, milling plastics (plastic milling), plastic bending (plastic molding) and plastic bonding, we also manufacture plastic advertising signs, signs, racks, and stands.

At your request we are able to produce almost any advertising sign and any advertising stand of typical and atypical dimensions.

Recently popular advertising signs on stand . They are mainly demanded by sellers who want to place their product catalog or promotional leaflet in these stands so that it is ideal for the customer at reading height.

We produce advertising signs on the stand mainly in A4 sizes , but there’s no problem to produce it in the dimensions you want.

We know design and branding are important, so the huge advantage of our advertising stands and advertising stands is the ability to print with any graphics . Thanks to this you can have all stands with your logo, in your colors, etc.

All products can be picked up in person at our Ostrožská Nová Ves facility or sent to you throughout the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, etc.) by an external carrier.

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