Milling cutter

Milling sheet material

Machining can handle almost any board material. The technological advancement of the modern machine allows for a very fast and accurate division of the material. Shaped shapes such as radius, grooving, boring and last but not least engraving. Milling of technical plastics.

Dimension of milling area: 2133 x 4267 mm

Construction edge

The visible difference between cutting and milling of plastic by sawing.

Plastic milling is a method of machining sheet material that can be applied to the product without further processing. However it depends on the structure of the plastic material.

  • construction edge without the need for further work
  • high quality and accuracy of product processing
  • speeds up the production process
  • surface engraving
  • Acryl PMMA (Plexiglas milling)
  • milling of polycarbonate (lexan)
  • milling of polyamide
  • milling A-PET
  • milling of PET-G
  • Milling Aluminum Plates (Aluminum)
  • Dibond milling
  • wood milling (veneer, plywood, MDF)
  • milling of technical materials
Angled plastic milling

Here you can see a clean construction edge at an angle of 45°.

A significant difference and great advantage lies in the technology of machining the plastic with a laser cutter. It brings new possibilities in product design.

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