13 Feb 2016

Polycarbonate – Twin Wall sheets

Polycarbonate Twin Wall

Twin Wall, thermo insulating, lightweight sheets with UV protection made of high quality polycarbonate – Lexan. Polycarbonate Twin Wall sheets provide optimal solutions in the building, agriculture and in other areas where is needed to divide the surroundings and keep high quality of light.

Polycarbonate Twin Wall sheets have double-sided layer of Ultra Violet (UV) protection that could prevent transmission of the harmful UV rays.  This protection prevents deterioration of the Polycarbonate Twin Wall and gives an advantage. Lexan *Thermoclear* (LTC) sheets have a one layer of UV protection. Available from 4mm up to 50mm of the sheet thickness.

Lexan offers options based on use:

Twin Wall, thermo insulating sheets with use in building and in industrial glazing. What are the attributes of Twin Wall, thermo insulating Lexan? The impact resistance, UV protection, long term weather resistance and endurance in unpleasant environment. Lexan is the best solution for glazing of a skylight, walls and penthouse. The Lexan sheets are convenient also in interior as a partition walls, backlighted ceilings as well as for information desk and gallery.

Twin Wall, thermo insulating sheets with a inner special surface layer which prevents a formation or dropping of water-drops. The condensed humidity coagulates on the surface of the sheet in the form of a thin layer of water which flows down to the lower edge to a discharge chute. This sheet is suitable for greenhouses and skylights of warehouses.

Twin Wall sheets with unique surface layer for easy cleaning of dust from the environment. The dust is easily washable by a stream of water or by rain.

Polycarbonate ventricular structured sheets with special “hammered glass look“. The difference of standard ventricular sheets is that the sheets get a special texture and design treatment to reduce transparency but still keep high light transmittance. It is used to glaze the skylights, walls in halls, light alcoves, greenhouses, swimming pools, barriers, partition walls and everywhere is needed to divide the surrounding.

Lexan Metallic (metal look) is a high quality polycarbonate with a ventricular structure used for reduce the solar temperature or dim the brightness of the sun.

Lexan IR belongs to a group of ventricular polycarbonate with a high degree of quality which is made out of a granule of Lexan. The maker uses a new technology to reach a better temperature regime. Lexan IR has a transparent color of the sheets with a shade of green. The sheet is nearly impermeable for UV rays and for considerable part of IR rays. However, the visible light transmittance is high. This protective attribute prevents and saves the items placed underneath the sheets of Lexan IR in factory, warehouses, museum or shopping malls.

Attributes of lexan:

  • extraordinary impact strength
  • high light transmittance
  • degree of combustibility – B-s2, d0 (EN13823)
  • low specific weight – 1,2 . 103 kg/ m3
  • huge range of types and sizes
  • excellent thermal formability
  • easy workability and installation
  • maximum design freedom of shapes

Use of polycarbonate:

  • skylights of manufacturing and other halls
  • reconstruction of the skylights
  • glazing and reconstruction of a vertical walls
  • greenhouses, indoor winter gardens, sun porch, balcony
  • entry alcoves, connecting corridors, the staircase
  • second glazing to already existing glass surfaces
  • divides of rooms
  • suspended ceilings, backlighted ceilings
  • gallery, schools, sport centres
  • alcoves, crossings, various partition walls and barriers
  • billboards and banners

Each polycarbonate sheet Lexan* has a unique limited warranty of 10 years against yellowing, loss of light transmission and breakage.

All products can be picked up in person at our Ostrožská Nová Ves facility or sent to you throughout the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, etc.) by an external carrier.

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