24 Jun 2019
Plexisklo - akrylát litý

Plexiglass – cast acrylate

PMMA – cast polymethylmethacrylate

PMMA polymethyl methacrylate, cast acrylic glass, known under the commonly used plexiglass name, has gained a great deal of popularity and application in almost all fields. Thanks to its color range and various modifications, it offers many possibilities for its use and processing.

Cast Plexiglass PMMA in a standard gloss finish is also produced in a wide range of opals and color transparent and translucent shades in addition to the clear modification.

This material, known under the commonly used plexiglass name, is used in many fields of human activity, particularly in sign making, design, architecture, construction and industrial production.

Cast plates due to production technology do not have a tension difference between the surface and the core, as well as extruded plates. Therefore, they can be recommended in case of complicated mechanical or heat treatment, or in contact with aggressive chemicals. Edges can be flame polished.

Use plexiglass cast:

  • Common indoor and outdoor installations
  • Illuminated Ads
  • Light showcases
  • Display Stands
  • Signs
  • Fills
  • Print and print foils

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