24 Jun 2019

Milling of Plexiglas and Plastics

One of our specializations is milling Plexiglas and Plastics .

This is a method of cutting plexiglass and plastic using a CNC mill . This method is very fast, maximally accurate and uses minimal residual material. Unlike cutting plexiglas on a laser cutter, it is possible to cut the plexiglas at certain angles (for example, 45 °) while cutting the plexiglass. Thanks to the workpiece, beautiful beveled edges are obtained.

After plexiglass cutting with a milling cutter (or cutting Plexiglas with laser) comes engraving . Engraving is performed according to the used material and suitability either by laser engraving or engraving cutter. After engraving, the product / workpiece is optically absolutely clean and can be illuminated, for example.

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