24 Jun 2019
plastic milling

Milling of Plexiglas and Plastics

One of our specializations is milling Plexiglas and Plastics .

This is a method of cutting plexiglass and plastic using a CNC mill . This method is very fast, maximally accurate and uses minimal residual material. Unlike cutting plexiglas on a laser cutter, it is possible to cut the plexiglas at certain angles (for example, 45 °) while cutting the plexiglass. Thanks to the workpiece, beautiful beveled edges are obtained.

After plexiglass cutting with a milling cutter (or cutting Plexiglas with laser) comes engraving . Engraving is performed according to the used material and suitability either by laser engraving or engraving cutter. After engraving, the product / workpiece is optically absolutely clean and can be illuminated, for example.

All products can be picked up in person at our Ostrožská Nová Ves facility or sent to you throughout the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, etc.) by an external carrier.

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