24 Jun 2019

Plexiglas cutting Ostrava

Within our business, we specialize in shaping, cutting and processing plastics. One of our main specializations is Cutting Plexiglas and Other Plastics . We work with customers in Ostrava, the Czech Republic and abroad.

Plexiglass cutting is done with a laser and also a milling cutter.

Plexiglas laser cutting is the first method of cutting this type of plastic. It is a very fast and especially precise way of cutting plexiglass, because there remains a minimum of residual material and especially no need for additional adjustments. Specifically, for example, edge processing.

The second division method is Plexiglas Cutter . As with Plexiglas laser cutting , this is a very fast and accurate way to cut this type of plastic, the advantage of which is the minimum residual material and the possibility of cutting the plexiglass at an angle.

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