24 Jun 2019

PET-G Copolyester

Extruded polyester sheets with excellent chemical resistance and strength.

The greatest advantage of PET-G is its excellent thermoformability and good optical properties. The extruded PET-G copolyester board has a high impact strength and excellent chemical and UV resistance. It also tolerates low temperatures and has a very low surface porosity with little water absorption.

PET-G boards are very poorly flammable. They can be applied for direct contact with food. The material is suitable for printing.

Specially developed for vacuum forming and allows very deep drawing and complex shapes.

Kopolyester PET-G is a transparent board material that offers solutions for outdoor and indoor applications. Thanks to its excellent properties it is suitable for the production of demanding structural elements. PET-G can also be supplied in anti-glare finish, with UV protection, opal or in colors, or with a satin finish on both sides.

Use PET-G:

  • Displays
  • Light boxes
  • Machine fairing
  • Glazing
  • Poster and image protection
  • Credit cards
  • Deep-drawing 3D elements
  • Crates
  • Technology Floors
  • Food, Drugstore, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging

Polyester films are a better replacement for PVC films for more demanding applications.

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