24 Jun 2019

Manufacture from plexiglass

Within our business, we specialize in plexiglass and other plastics (such as lexan) throughout the Czech Republic and abroad . We are engaged in cutting Plexiglas by laser, cutting Plexiglas with a milling cutter (angled), shaping and bending Plexiglas, engraving Plexiglas and many other activities.

We specialize in:

Production of advertising indoor and outdoor plastic stands
Production of advertising table stands
Production of advertising totems
Production of advertising boards
Production of advertising stands for printing

Manufacturing of Plastic Fonts
Manufacture of Plastic Boxes (for Various Charities and Public Collections)

Plastic Printing
Plexiglas Bonding

Manufacture of protective covers for machinery and equipment
Vacuum forming (vacuum forming) – thermoforming of plastics
Manufacture of plastic hemispheres

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