Machining plate material with a milling cutter

Milling Machining - Milling Material

One of our specializations is computerized machining of board material by a milling cutter, or material milling. It is a modern technological process that allows us to precise and very fast cutting of plastics and also wood.

The adjustments we’re able to make with this board material are:
– radius
– grooving
– boring
– engraving

The working area with which we are able to work is 2133 x 4267 mm.

The benefits of cutting board material milling include quality and precision, high production rate, and last but not least engraving.

One of the biggest advantages of cutting a plate material with a milling cutter is the construction edge. Unlike cutting the saw, the milling cutter creates a perfectly accurate construction edge without the need for additional adjustments. Of course, it depends on the material used.

The milling of plate material and in particular plastics also has the advantage of being able to be machined at an angle (e.g. 45 °). This is a significant advantage over the laser cutting of plastics (plexiglass, lexan, etc.).

The materials we are able to machine with the mill are:
– Acryl PMMA (Plexiglas Milling)
– polycarbonate milling (lexan)
– polyamide milling
– A-PET milling
– milling PET-G
– milling of aluminum plate (aluminum)
– Milling of Dibond plates
– milling of wood (veneer, plywood, MDF)
– milling of technical materials




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