24 Jun 2019

Laser cutting of Plexiglas

In addition to plexiglass and plastic milling , we also specialize in plexiglass laser cutting across the Czech Republic (Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Zlín and others) and abroad.

This is a highly efficient technology that we share materials.

Laser cutting Plexiglas (and cutting other plastics with laser) I have a lot of benefits.

It is a very precise method of dividing plexiglass and plastics, so it is not necessary to additionally need to machine edges. Laser cutting of plastics produces a minimum amount of residual material or residual waste, saving money on material.

Another big advantage of this contactless plastic cutting is the possibility of producing complex shapes and their details without worrying about deformation and breaking of final products. Cutting Plexiglas with laser and cutting plastic with laser is a clean and smooth cut.

This technology also allows cutting (producing) a huge portfolio of atypical shapes on a large variety of plate materials. In addition, it allows engraving.

What we most often produce with the laser cutting method of Plexiglas:

Plexiglass Stands
Various Shapes and Parts for Modellers
Dual Layer Plastic Sticks and Plates
Polystyrene Tough PSH
Spray Stencils
Carving of Laminated Graphics on Plastic Sheets

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